PRESS RELEASE: Announcing NYNOG and Board Appointments

Announcing NYNOG and Board Appointments

New York Network Operators Group (NYNOG) provides educational events and programs

NEW YORK, February 7, 2017 - NYNOG (New York Network Operators Group), a New York based organization connecting New York network operators and technology professionals by providing educational events and programs, announced its initial board members and results of its first election for officer positions.

NYNOG was founded by Christian Koch and David Temkin to provide networking professionals in the NYC metro area with a powerful networking community that is focused on people. NYNOG’s first event was held on May 25th 2016, and it’s next event is scheduled to take place on March 23rd 2017.  Through NYNOG’s events, the organization aims to provide a casual environment to discuss and share experiences, ideas, and discuss innovative solutions to the complex problems the networking world faces.  To help guide the organization and ensure fulfillment of its mission, a Board of Directors and supportive committees with a combined experience of over 125 years in networking and internet infrastructure was assembled.

NYNOG's Board of Directors:

Christian Koch of Pilot Fiber

David Temkin of Netflix

Andrew Baird of Digital Realty

Teresa Dietrich of Namely

Alex Latzko of ServerCentral

Neal Secher of BNY Mellon

Sagi Brody of Webair

Elected Officers & Positions:

President, Christian Koch
Vice President, Teresa Dietrich
Treasurer, Alex Latzko
Secretary, Sagi Brody

Elected Officers & Positions:

Chair for Marketing & Events, Jessica Smith

Newly appointed President, Christian Koch, reflected on the creation of the board, “We are, at heart an organization By Engineers, For Engineers. We're excited about the future and the possibilities we can help create.”  Koch further added his thoughts on the creation of NYNOG, "We started NYNOG as a way to bring networking and IT professionals in the New York City Metro area together through our small and intimate events that we host throughout the year. People get together and learn about new technologies, discuss problems and challenges they face with changing infrastructure, or just come to meet other like-minded professionals.” Indeed, NYNOG community participants are encouraged to attend events and ask questions about their careers, the industry, changes in network technology, and anything else the community can help with.  Information about the next NYNOG event on March 23rd 2017 can be found on  

How to Join & Participate:
Joining the NYNOG mailing list, learn about upcoming events, and become a community partcipant through the website,: